Eric Gurr
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Issues affecting the state of Ohio.

Common Core
Quite simply, control of education needs to be returned to the local level. A broad based set of standards is all that is needed from the state level. As long as local school districts can meet these standards the rest should be left up to the locally elected boards of education, the teachers and the parents.

I am pro-life and I am happy that we as a state are taking steps to defund Planned Parenthood. No one should have to see their tax dollars used to subsidize abortion. The horrific images in those videos tell an even bigger story.

As a Republican we want to see all taxes lowered. There has been a drive lately to increase taxes on casino gambling due to lower than expected casino revenues. If nothing else, the Reagan years taught us that taxes after a certain point lower revenue. Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan believed if you wanted more of something you taxed it less, not more. Lowering taxes spurs economic activity. We need to adhere to that basic tenant of conservative Republicanism. If we raise taxes on the casinos then people will just go out of state as incentives and promotions in Ohio are scaled back or eliminated. This is bad for Ohio and bad for our wallets. When politicians tell you high taxes are good for corporations they will come for your money soon enough. Just as in Washington we need to spend less in Columbus. This should be our constant battle.

The Republicans in Columbus have done a good job of slowing spending. They have reduced taxes in some areas but eliminated deductions and raised taxes in other areas. The reason for this shell game is that more real spending cuts are required. I will work tirelessly to cut unnecessary spending.

Health Care
Health care costs continue to rise under Obamacare (The affordable care act) and under Ohio's Medicaid expansion under the ACA. The reason for this increase in health care costs is because we are subsidizing the demand for health care instead of the supply. In my first year I will work to make sure I get the Gurr Healthcare Plan for Ohio passed into law. What this plan will do is work on the supply side instead of the demand side. Demand side and supply side eonomics is hotly debated to this day. The problem with most of this debate is that of course you must have a supply and a demand. The problem with the Obama health care plan and associated Medicaid expansion is that it only addresses the demand side of the equation.
To demonstrate that this is a terrible idea let's look at an example. Suppose the politicians decided to subsidize the demand for flying cars. Everyone in the state of Ohio is given twenty thousand dollars to go buy a flying car. The problem is that there is no supply for flying cars. You have put the cart before the horse.
Now lets look at a situation where there is a supply but still subsidize only the demand. Instead of expanding Medicaid lets assue that we were to subsidize the purchase of gasoline for poor people. The government takes your money and gives it to people who make less than you do so that they can buy gasoline. What do you suppose would happen? Well those folks would start driving a lot more because it is free. If the supply is not changed then the cost of your gasoline would skyrocket. Now you are not only paying more to fill up your gas tank but your taxes have gone up because the working poor need more money to fill up their tank. Which you of course also pay for. But what if we left demand alone and just focused on increasing supply. Let's say we subsidized the production of shale oil. Now the supply has risen and demand may rise eventually becuase the supply is so high, but your cost is still lower as long as supply outstrips demand. This is what I want to do for you. I want to stop the Medicaid expansion by incentivizing people to go into health care related fields. I also want to offer a tax credit for health care providers that purchase more efficient equipment. This will lower the cost of health care for both you and those who are on the edge of affording current health insurance rates.
But it gets even better!
We only need to subsidize the supply until the person becomes a nurse or a doctor. We only need to do the tax credit one time.
Then for the life of the equipment or for the duration of the career of the person providing the service we continue to reap the benefit. This is the same common sense supply side economics employed by Ronald Reagan that fundamentally transformed the American economy in the 1980s and all the way throuh the early part of 2000s. It is tested and it always works.