Eric Gurr Ohio Senate
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Eric was born in Hamilton, Ohio in 1965. He graduated from Badin High School and then attended the University of Cincinnati before starting his computer consulting business. In 1987 Eric married his wife Amy. They have raised three children and now have two grandchildren. He now resides in Liberty Township.

Eric is the grandson of former Hamilton mayor Mark Petty. On his father's side the Gurr family came to America in 1803 and lived in Indiana for a short time before settling in Butler County. On his mother's side he shares a great great (and a few more greats!) grandmother with the first president George Washington. That's right, Eric is a cousin of our founding father.

His well known passion for history started at the age of 14 after reading the book The Frontiersmen. Eric believes that his lifelong study of history and his experience running a small business for twenty years gives him a unique insight into the problems facing our great nation.