Eric Gurr Ohio Senate
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Eric Gurr for Ohio Senate 4th district

I think we've all had enough of us versus them. Our representatives should reflect our views and our values.

We must fix the debacle that is Obamacare, we must lower taxes and regulation to grow the economy, we must work to fix our crippled immigration system and secure the border and we must work to implement reasonable tariffs on nations that manipulate their currencies and use near slave labor wages.

Ronald Reagan inherited a bad economy and laid out a clear path to fixing the problems affecting so many Americans. We can do it again. If we elect intelligent, experienced people we can grow business and restore the American dream. Good government starts in Columbus. As your state senator I will not surrender to special interests, I will not surrender to the mandates of Washington that go against the wishes of the people of Ohio.

It's time to make a change

We keep electing the same career politicians and expecting a different result. That's not going to work and now we know it. As your senator I will work hard to represent your interests. Not the interests of lobbyists in Columbus and certainly not in the interest of building a political career.