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How to make it better in Ohio's eighth district.

Hamilton, Middletown, Troy, Greenville are all wonderful cities. The eighth district itself is as rich in history as any area in the nation. I grew up in Hamilton. I had uncles who had farms in Preble county and in Oxford in Butler county. When I was little my dad took me and my sisters to Darke county and Greene county all the time.

What's changed? Well for starters a whole lot of good jobs have left. When this happens the local economy starts to decay. I think it's high time we fixed that.

If I'm elected to be your congressman I'll bring back your voice to Washington. I give you my solemn promise that I won't serve more than four terms after finishing out the few months left on Speaker John Boehner's term.

I will also not be intimidated by the politically correct zealots who refuse to talk logically about issues like immigration.